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Sunday, 21st January 2018

in Lakeway TX

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Another new school to start next year?



According to Lakeway Mayor Joe Bain's blog, LTISD met with Lakeway City staff to discuss starting work in 2017 on a new Elementary School on Bee Creek Road in the Lakeway Highlands development.



The District's long term plans state:

"The first area of overcrowding that will need to be addressed is Serene Hills; in about 2018‐19, Serene Hills is projected to exceed 1,000 resident students, growing to 1,200 resident students by 2024‐25. Therefore, a new school to relieve Serene Hills could be well utilized in 2018‐19.

The second area for consideration includes the Bee Cave and West Cypress Hills attendance zones. Both of these schools are projected to exceed 1,000 resident students in about 2021‐22, so a new school in the south could be utilized toward the end of this projection period to relieve both of these overcrowded schools."

Population & Survey Analysts - Demographic Update - January 2015 page 173.


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