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Sunday, 21st January 2018

in Lakeway TX

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McMillan goes after Mayor Bain - again

Dubbing him "Status Quo Joe", Lakeway City Council candidate Tiffany McMillan has launched a scathing attack on Mayor Joe Bain.

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Bee Cave to build road for backyard?

A highly contentious proposal to build a road across the City owned Skaggs tract was raised by Bee Cave Mayor Caroline Murphy at the Council's December 12th Council meeting.


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Continuing Backyard confusion

After last week's shock vote that barely refused the Backyard developer's demand for the right to build without the second entrance/exit, more confusion ensued.


First, it was claimed that there was some kind of commitment from Hill Country Indoor to build a road through to 71. It is true that HCI would be required to do so if they opened a substantial outdoor facility as well but that is not a currently expected scenario and has no specific timeline.


Second, the ownership of the land that the Backyard would need to cross to reach Highway 71 was confirmed as 100% in the hands of a local investor named Jeff Kent. It was also clarified that he is the major investor behind HCI. There is no connection between the two that impacts the Backyard situation.


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Barry Eigen exhibit

Fifteen acrylic paintings by artist Barry Eigen will be exhibited during the month of December at the Lake Travis Community Library. A member of Lakeway Painters, Eigen paints every Wednesday morning at the Lakeway Activity Center with 20 to 30 other artists. He paints primarily in acrylics on canvas, but has experimented with varied styles and subject matter. Landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and abstracts are all of interest to Eigen. 

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Backyard vote surprise

The full Bee Cave City Council voted on the proposal by Backyard developer Chris Milam to reduce attendance at Backyard events in exchange for being allowed to build without a second entrance/exit onto Highway 71. The results were a surprise.

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