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Thursday, 22nd February 2018

in Lakeway TX

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Election claims and counterclaims



The May election for Mayor is already drawing some commentary on our Facebook Group about actions that are claimed to draw comparison with last year's "John Smart" posts that got sitting Mayor Joe Bain in trouble with State Ethics authorities.


Two new candidates, Sandy Cox and Tiffany McMillan, have filed to stand, Mayor Bain has not filed to run again as of February 8th.


McMillan was subject to "John Smart" negative posts when she stood for Council in November 2017.



In his blog Bain posted "“One candidate for Mayor was contacted by BDS because of a sign complaint. The sign was found to be in the right of way and was also displayed before ordinance allows. We have also received an Open Records Request from that candidate that is in process at this time.”


Candidate McMillan was contacted by Code Enforcement about the timing and placement of one of her election signs.


City Manager Steve Jones outlined that the timing of the sign was not the major issue but that the sign was not placed 100% out of the Right of Way. This was fixed by the land owner who had placed the sign moving it.


Questions continue to be asked about the legality of the City's ordinances in reagrd to sign content and first amendment rights.


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