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Thursday, 22nd February 2018

in Lakeway TX

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Mayor Bain rebuts his election interference fine


Mayor Joe Bain took to his blog this week to defend and refute the outcome of a State Ethics Commission agreement and to comment on the City's decision not to progress any complaints.


His exact comments are reporduced below:


Let me put some of the recent events into perspective.  Multiple ethics complaints were filed with the city's ethics board - both on me and others.  All complaints were found unfounded and frivolous.

Multiple complaints were filed with the Texas Ethics Commission both on me and others.  All were dismissed except mine - I chose to pay a civil penalty to avoid the expense of a hearing.  Here is a quote from a legal entity that reached out to me -

"I am reaching out because I saw the news story on your recent Ethics Commission fine, which (as I read it) essentially punished you for anonymous political speech. Under Doe v. State, decided by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in 2003, the Court recognized that Texans have a right to anonymous political speech."  and further states -

 "I am concerned that the Ethics Commission is not following established case law in enforcing the Texas political laws and am working on a project to identify abuses and solutions."

No mention was made of the others on social media that posted under assumed names - Obe Wan Kanobe and John Doe come to mind.  Who were they?  They were part of the opposition.

The recall petition failed.  I'm pleased but not surprised.  This was built on exaggerated claims and much unsubstantiated information, much like the continued attacks me and on other city issues. 

Enough about me.  Attacks were made on the Police Station PAC Chairman and Treasurer - complaints to the Texas Ethics Commission.  Errors that were made on signs happen every year, candidates are notified and make corrections.  This made the front page of the View because of the ethics complaint that was dismissed, no mention of the fact that the candidate that filed these complaints had multiple violations on Lohmans - in fact, the picture in the View showed one of those signs in the right of way. 

Front Page in the View - "Excessive Force Suit Filed" Lakeway and Bee Caves Police - September 14, 2017.  Almost 2 months ago.  Have you seen a  followup? Almost 2 months ago!  The city has never been served.  Why you ask?  No case.  This was from an incident that happened in September 2015 - The good news?  Our forward thinking police and city had body cameras back then - it's all recorded.  NO CASE!

We have a GREAT, well run city, there is no rampant corruption as some would have you believe.  I have to wonder what the real intent of all this is - it's not for the betterment of Lakeway.  I intend to continue to work with the other elected officials and staff to keep Lakeway the wonderful city we moved here to enjoy.  Thank you for listening! 

**** End Editorial ****"



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