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Thursday, 22nd February 2018

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Mayor takes to social media to fight recall petition


Beleagured Lakeway Mayor Joe Bain took to his blog to defend himself against the campaign to recall him for using fake IDs on social media in an alleged attempt to influence the May elections.

 He says:

"There's been much ado about my participation on Social Media - let me get a few things straight.

Folks on social media and others have continued to put forth the idea I advocated on those sites in favor of the police bond. That is not factual information - I corrected malicious and incorrect posts and posted factual information. I never advocated on those mediums or on my blog, period. I attended all the public presentations and made presentations to groups when invited at homes and organizations. We wanted to make sure an informed public voted on an important city / police issue. All the information presented at these meetings / events was factual and complete as possible.

The "activists" are also intent on defaming the elected officials, volunteers and city staff. This is unbelievable. Our council members and volunteers work tirelessly - and many have for many years. Lakeway has an outstanding staff, trust me they are working hard every day to make sure we obey the laws and run the city government as efficiently as possible.

If you are considering the petition, do me one favor. Ask whoever is trying to get you to sign - what have you done for the community? My guess is, they won't have a good answer. Look at this blog for the last 8 years, that is my answer.

If you want to contribute to the governance of Lakeway, I invite you to volunteer your time and experience on one of the city's several boards, commissions and committees.

Experience a real sense of community! Volunteer and work as hundreds have over the years to build that sense of community - I think you will find it valuable."


We are waiting for an update from the organisers on how many of the required 1,400 or so signatures required have been collected. The Travis County DA's office have also yet to rule on the matter.



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