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Official Mayoral recall petition started - UPDATED


Lakeway entrepreneur and community leader, Anthony Dell'Abate, has come forward with a petition to recall Joe Bain as Mayor of the City of Lakeway. Attorney Bill Aleshire coordinated with Lakeway City Secretary, Jo Ann Touchstone, in drafting the petition.

Mr. Dell'Abate, with a team of circulators, seeks 1400 signatures of registered Lakeway voters to remove Mayor Bain from office. There were 11,432 registered voters in Lakeway for the last election so pursuant to the law, the petition must have 1,143 registered voters (10% of registered voters). 


"A great number of Lakeway citizens have called upon City Council, Lakeway Board of Ethics and even Mr. Bain directly, urging Bain to resign. All have refused to act. Our City Manager, Steve Jones, has informed the community we must petition City Council to recall (remove) Bain from office, so here we are. Our leaders have once again failed our community by not representing the wishes of the Lakeway community. The "John Smart" situation became public about one month ago, yet the City hasn't held Bain accountable for his deceptive acts or removed him from office. It's another example of Lakeway City Council not doing what they've been elected or appointed to do. Lakeway wants honest, ethical, upstanding leaders and the first step in achieving that is to remove Joe Bain from office." -Tony Dell'Abate



Joe Bain should be recalled (removed) as Mayor of Lakeway because he has betrayed the people of Lakeway, violated their trust, and breached his duty to Lakeway taxpayers. During the last election, Joe Bain used a fake name ("John Smart") to deceitfully try to influence the election. Joe Bain's behavior is an embarrassment to this City. His actions may have deceived enough voters to result in passage - by a margin of only 9 votes - of the biggest bond debt project in the history of Lakeway which will increase property taxes. Because the Mayor of Lakeway should behave appropriately and be trustworthy, Joe Bain should not be the Mayor.


"I deceived the citizens of Lakeway by posing as a name that’s not my own." -Joe Bain


How to sign the petition:

1. Contact Anthony Dell'Abate  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 512-698-4614 to schedule a signing or request a circulator to attend a gathering of friends & neighbors. Circulators throughout the community will schedule appointments

2. Petition will be at Vivel Coffee + Crepes every morning Monday through Friday from 10 a.m - 12 noon (June 5 - 19)

3. Petition will be at Lake Travis Community Library Saturday, June 10 from 4 - 6 p.m and Sunday, June 11 from 2 - 4 p.m

4. Petition will be at Cafe Lago the mornings of Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 8 - 11 a.m



Petition Process:

1. Petition and Circulator's Affidavit attached for your reference.

2. Signatures will be gathered by 'Petition Circulators' throughout the Lakeway community and at local restaurants, grocery stores & community spaces. Some residents are hosting 'signing parties' inviting friends & neighbors over to sign together.

3. Once the appropriate number of signatures are collected, the petition will be submitted to the City of Lakeway Secretary, Jo Ann Touchstone. The City then has thirty (30) days to certify the petition, then the petition goes before the Lakeway City Council and then Mr. Bain has five (5) days to resign.


Contact information:

Tony Dell'Abate, 512-698-4614This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



"I'm Louis Mastrangelo and I'll be taking over from Tony Dell'Abate and leading the effort to circulate the recall petition to remove Joe Bain from office. I'm grateful for the valiant efforts of Tony this week. Tony launched this initiative on Tuesday and the response from the community has been so strong we need someone with more available time to dedicate to it. I'm stepping up from volunteer petition circulator to director.


Some of you may have seen me at the Lakeway City Council meeting on May 15, 2017, calling for Joe Bain to resign. Here's video from that meeting


When I saw the communication Mayor Bain unintentionally sent identifying him as the man behind the campaigning alias, I was shocked and disappointed. I firmly believe the election last May was affected by this dishonest behavior and that is unacceptable to me. When I saw his inadequate response to what I and many of my neighbors felt was reprehensible behavior and then the lack of any reaction from our other city leaders, my disappointment turned to frustration. As much as I would like to turn away and move on, I feel that would be rewarding bad behavior and ignoring a symptom of real problems in local government. Mayor Bain should resign and I’m hoping that this petition and the rallying of so many citizens behind it will send a message to our local officials that deceiving us is not representing us.


Mayor Bain should have resigned when his deception to Lakeway residents and taxpayers was revealed but he chose not to. Because he's refusing to resign, we have no choice but to recall him with this petition. 


How are we circulating the petition?


1. We have trained circulators throughout the community available to meet with everyone interested in signing at their convenience

2. We have volunteers opening their homes each day so the petition is accessible to the community

3. We're going door-to-door

4. Volunteers are also setting up their own schedules with their own circulating plans to make themselves available to their network

5. To schedule a signing or get more information, please call Louis 512-571-4768 or email


Our goal is to have the requisite number of signatures by this time next week."


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